LOOK! BEHIND YOU! Let’s all take a peek and applaude the leaders of Team Makata✍️, Junniva Demape and Bernald Vincent Uba! With their exceptional skill in leading, their members sure have one straight way to victory!

GIVE WAY as up next comes the leaders of Team Pluma✒️, Arianey Baring and Francine May Coloso. With the breeze on their side and their flexibility on crossing challenges, they can easily fly and land their way to win this year’s crown!

SHOUT WITH PRIDE as Team Tinta 🖋️marches with glory under the leadership of Daniela Clarisse Marchan and Brendon Oteda! With the black fluid that they have, they sure are going to leave a mark as they contend as one!

CHEER WITH GLEE as Team Litratista📷 cries their unsung glory under the lead of its ever-fabulous leaders, Aizylia Galve and John Carlo Cerilla! With their sharp sights and clear lenses, they can take the crown in just one quick flash!