GenSan Division, represented by General Santos City National High School, shines bright with a resounding victory at the Regional Festival of Talents: Technolympics 2023. Spanning two days from June 17-18, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University played host to this highly anticipated competition.

The event served as a platform for talented students to exhibit their skills and expertise in various disciplines. With the overarching theme of “Reinforcing 21st-century Learning and Fostering Creative Industries through Talents and Skills Exhibition,” participants from different divisions gathered to compete and showcase their ingenuity. General Santos City National High School, led by the exceptional coach Arbaya A. Lampatan, celebrated a triumphant win, securing an impressive second-place finish in Electrical Installation and Maintenance category. Among the standout competitors were Jano Concepcion and Shame Japhet Gumemba Huyo-a.